A Low-Cost Patient Monitor
Designed for Developing World Hospitals

What is FreePulse?

FreePulse is a patient monitor designed from the ground-up to meet the needs of hospitals in the developing world. These hospitals face a wide host of issues ranging from unstable power grids, uncontrolled climate conditions, high operator turnover rate, and extremely tight budgets. On top of all of this, donated medical equipment often cannot fill this gap in medical care. In fact, a recent Engineering World Health study found that 39% of donated equipment is broken upon arrival and 98% is nonfunctional after five years.1

FreePulse aims to solve these problems by filling a void in the current medical device market: low-cost devices that are designed for developing world operating conditions.

Interested in learning more? Check out this blog post for more info!

Why FreePulse?

Unstable Power GridResistant to voltage spikes and drops
Unstable Climate ConditionsRugged plastic design
High staff turnover rateSimple touch screen user interface
Mysterious software errorsOpen-source software backend
Limited operating budget250 USD price tag

What has FreePulse done recently?